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Vinyl Flooring

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most convenient choices of floor materials any homeowner can choose for their homes.


Although vinyl floors became popular decades ago, many homeowners still opt to have vinyl floors installed in basically any room in their homes for many good reasons.

Vinyl Flooring

For example, vinyl floors are generally more affordable than some other flooring types, such as hardwood floors or natural stone.


Additionally, vinyl flooring is fast and easy to install. A professional can perfectly install vinyl floors in just a few hours.


Vinyl is a durable material, therefore, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and would not need premature replacement.


Being water resistant is another reason many people love vinyl floors. Unlike carpet which could be permanently damaged once it gets soaked in liquid, vinyl could just be wiped dry.


Aside from being water resistant, vinyl is also stain resistant. Most of the time, a damp cloth would be capable of removing stains on vinyl.


Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, too. Regular sweeping and wiping down is just what you need to have it maintained.


Although vinyl isn’t capable of providing insulation and softness as good as a carpet would, vinyl can still be comfortable to walk on. It would not get cold during wintry months, unlike ceramic tiles or stone.


Vinyl floors also come in various designs, so you have endless designs to choose from to beautify your floors.


But, having vinyl flooring has its disadvantages too. The vinyl material being vulnerable to scratches and scrapes is one of the top drawbacks of having vinyl floors. Dragging sharp objects or furniture pieces on your vinyl floors is a no-no as these could damage your floors. This would also mean that vinyl flooring is probably not the best choice if you live with a pet dog or cat that likes to scratch.


Direct sunlight exposure can also result in discoloration on your vinyl floors. Therefore, vinyl flooring is not suitable for use on areas near windows.